Publication programme

The Butrint Foundation supports an active publication programme comprising academic monographs and articles, guidebooks and magazine articles.

The recent Eternal Butrint is a fully illustrated account of the changing history of Butrint at the crossroads of empires, whereas Venetian Butrint and Saranda, Ancient Onchesmos provide guides to particular aspects of the city and the region. For a wider inter-regional approach Trekking through Southern Albania is a fascinating study in the rich heritage of Albania. Also noteworthy is the film Butrint, the Rise and Fall of a Mediterranean City produced by EyeToEye Productions.

Two archaeological monographs – Roman Butrint and Byzantine Butrint – have appeared with more currently in preparation. Similarly, modern reassessments of earlier excavations can be found in The Theatre at Butrint; Explorations in Albania, 1930-39; and Kalivo and Çuka e Aitoit.

Further guidebooks to the archaeology and history of Butrint and its nearby regions will be available in the next year. A full list of publications can be found by clicking on the footer bar (below) and can be downloaded from the Butrint Foundation website (www.butrintfound.dial.pipex.com).

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