Third century BC

The changing settlement

Walking through the ruins of Butrint, it is hard to imagine the different forms the town has taken, and the differing fortunes of its inhabitants through the generations.

The route in this site will follow a virtual walk round Butrint: use the numbered top menu or the map on the top right to navigate around the peninsula, following the path one would take during a visit to the ancient city.

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Illustration of Butrint in its present state
  1. The changing settlement
  2. Sacred Origins
  3. The sanctuary of Asclepius
  4. The Theatre
  5. The Roman colony
  6. The expansion of Butrint
  7. Roman Town planning
  8. A private residence - the triconch palace
  9. The Baptistery and early christian Butrint
  10. Gateway to Butrint
  11. The Churches of Butrint
  12. Early fortifications
  13. The lion gate
  14. Later fortifications
  15. The Butrint Museum
  1. Trail points round Butrint
Butrint in Hellenistic times Butrint in roman times Byzantine Butrint Medieval Butrint Venetian Butrint butrint Today